How It Works

How It Works

New to Ad SEO? Start Here!

It’s great your favorite directory is ranked on Google for your location, but shouldn’t YOU be there instead? Imagine what that would do for your business. Totally possible over time utilizing Wild Raven’s Ad SEO methodology.

Ad SEO is the method of combining mass advertising with high-powered, high-quality, proven SEO tactics, forcing Google to rank under certain keywords. It's traditional advertising combined with effective SEO. Wild Raven Media (WRM) offers this to the absolute extreme.


Yes, you can start with your base location, however, essentially, you WANT to be on EVERY website within the massive WRM network, regardless of your "base location" because you want your keywords and links to be listed on all those websites pages, which could be 10's of thousands. Inevitably, increasing your Google ranking and your advertising visibility within the WRM network.


To harness the full power of Ad SEO, DO NOT limit your linking to 1 location, but as many as possible.

By utilizing our ENTIRE network, WRM took a Chicago escort agency from nowhere to page 2 in record time (about 4 months). WRM did this by not just adding their links and content to our Chicago escort directory,, and definitely not just an ad, but by utilizing our entire network, expanding their ranking reach and visibility from just being listed on Chicago Erotic's 53.4k backlink pages, 34,154 indexed pages, and 21,780 posts, to 2,175,050 backlink pages, 763,354 indexed URLs and's Extended Ad Services pack.


The bottom line - WRM Ad SEO works. It worked for ALL of our websites in our network, it worked for our customers and it can work for you.

Lets Get Started!

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Take our quick “bottomline” crash course on the basics of Adult SEO ranking.
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